דלג לתוכן מרכזי

Low Vision Rehabilitation Center

A Low Vision Rehabilitation Center is intended for people whose vision cannot be improved with regular glasses or lenses. This Migdal Or service is available for children (over the age of 4) and adults living in the north and south of the country.

The Center offers an array of treatments, including assessment and evaluation of vision by an optometrist who specializes in low vision, fitting glasses, recommendation for aids and devices that can improve visual function including guidance and training in using them, and loan of aids and devices for practice at home.

Headed by a qualified social worker, the Low Vision Rehabilitation Center offers emotional support to the individual and his/her family in dealing with severely deteriorating vision, and informs and advises them on other services that are available in the community.

The Center’s services are provided free-of-charge in Haifa and Be’er Sheva, as well as in various external venues such as seniors’ homes and day centers, and municipal centers for people with vision loss.

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